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It’s the eyes that get you first.   Kind of sleepy, very sensual, I think they used to be called “bedroom” eyes back in the days when movies were black and white.   I know! She is Joan Crawford and Peter Lorie’s great grand daughter!   If you know who they are you are really old or a film student like me, or both.. (You will also know that they were never married, for sure, I’m pretty sure Peter was gay.)  But what comes with those eyes is even better. Aurora just oozes sex, this is a crude metaphor, but she leaves a trail of sex behind her like a snail.  She has amazing sensitive breasts and a pussy that is so fresh and inviting.   One other little intimate detail, she has a large sensitive clit, that when gently touched, it makes her come harder that just about any girl I’ve shot with.  Aurora is eighteen years old and comes from a place were they have lots of hurricanes.   That’s appropriate.

Aurora's Videos

6 videos
31 minutes
Released Dec 21st 2007
Aurora and Riley Winter 2
Bouncing girls taking off their panties and eating each others shaven pussies is sure to end your week perfectly. Aurora and Riley Winters show you exactly how a lady likes to be licked, and played with, as they continuously cum and cum and cum again.

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6 videos
28 minutes
Released Sep 21st 2007
Aurora and Jocalynn George - Massage Part 2
Here comes another exclusive “four hand massage” from LittleMutt. Aurora wanted to have the chance to give a massage to her good friend Jocalynn and she asked if Sal would help and teach her a few of his patented tricks.

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5 videos
Released Sep 7th 2007
Aurora and Jocalynn George - Massage
Aurora and Jocalynn have been experimenting with each other and licking each others clits since Jr High. When Jocalynn saw the orgasm that Sal gave Aurora in her massage she wanted a chance at topping it.

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4 videos
18 minutes
Released Aug 29th 2007
Aurora - PM
Aurora spends a lazy afternoon with some pillows, music and of course, her favorite toys. Going back and forth, Aurora plays with her pocket rocket and her vibrator separately at first then she uses them together.

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6 videos
29 minutes
Released Aug 3rd 2007
Aurora - Massage
The phone calls have not stopped with girls begging us to have Sal give them a massage and Aurora was no different. She absolutely couldn’t wait to have not only an incredible massage but also an earth shaking orgasm.

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6 videos
Released Jul 20th 2007
Rileys Four Hand Massage
What’s better than a two hand massage?   Of course it is four hands.  Aurora loved her first massage (Coming soon) and wanted me to teach her my patented techniques.  I usually don’t share my secrets but how could I say no? Riley Winters was, shall we say, excited at the prospect.

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9 videos
44 minutes
Released Jun 29th 2007
Aurora and Nicole Aston
Nicole Aston was originally going to do a solo PM video for LittleMutt but after Aurora joined in the only logical thing to do was LITTLEMUTT’S FIRST DOUBLE PM! Nicole was so turned on by Aurora voyeurism and she just had to tease her as much as possible.

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4 videos
Released Jun 6th 2007
Aurora Solo
Auroras first solo video is nothing short of spectacular. Playing with her perky tits and spreading her soft pussy makes her wet enough for her vibrator to slide in perfectly.

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