Faye Reagan
Do you like large puffy nipples?  Do you like freckles?  Do youlike red hair?  Do you like a perfectly symmetrical completely pink pussy with a large clit?   You better answer yes to all these questions or you are out of here.  Faye is a dream come true, at least for me.  Her nipples and breasts should be in the Guinness Book of World Records, I’ve never seen anything like them on an eighteen year old nubile girl or anybody else for that matter.

Holly Webster
Holly Webster is Faye Valentine’s best friend.   She came along with Faye to the west coast to keep her company but not to model.  I took one look at her and realized that this was a girl who had no idea how beautiful she was. This is the classic mousey girl (read librarian clique) story. 

Sadie Sweet
Anybody who has been around LittleMutt for long knows that I’m not a big fan of really big breasts.   I usually believe a Martini glass is just about the right size.   Ok, I’m not afraid to admit I could be wrong,,, sometimes.

Holly T
Do you like freckles?  I have a thing about them.   My first girlfriend Polly had lots of freckles along with pigtails.  I was nine and she was eight.  We held hands in the movies once.  It was a short relationship; I accidentally hit her with a rock.

Ava Miller
Ava Miller is an enigma, she comes on as a sweet innocent girl but behind that she has very sophisticated sexual talents. She likes her sex dirty and is the first girl I have shot who squirts.


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