How to watch Videos on

Videos on LittleMutt may be viewed by left-clicking on the video page links to view in your favorite player immediately or by right clicking and saving them to your hard drive for viewing at your convenience.

Many of our WMV videos are in higher resolution format. Depending on your internet connection speed and your computer set-up, you may need to download the file first (by right clicking - ctrl-clicking for mac) on the link, and choosing "save file as..."), letting it download to your computer, then go to play it back.

These instructions are for Internet Explorer, but similar instructions will apply for almost any Windows web browser:

  1. Go to the page that has a link to the video you want
  2. RIGHT CLICK on it, and choose "save target as..."
  3. Choose a location on your computer that is easy to find. The default is usually your Desktop or My Documents - this is fine
  4. Click "OK" - the file will start downloading to your computer
  5. Once it's finished, double click on the new icon on your desktop or where it was saved. This will play almost all files without a problem.

To watch the movies on, We recommend the following media players:
Windows Media Player
(.mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .asf)
DivX player and codec
.mp4 extension may require DivX
Quicktime Player
(.mpg, .mpeg, .mov)


Also make sure you have the most recent release of your favorite web browser:


Known Issues.

3/20/2009 - Firefox - v3.0.6, released February 3, 2009 for Windows XP and above:

Left clicking on a members area WMV video may result in the video not playing and getting the following error message:

Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help

If you are recieving this error message, There are a couple of solution you may try:

A) Right click on the link and use Save Link As... and download the video to you computer to view the video locally.

B) Go into the browser settings at Tools > Options > and select the Applications tab. Make sure that in the Content Type's Action for Windows Media Audio and Video files, "Use Windows Media Player plug-in Dynamic Link Library (in Firefox) is de-selected. Choosing "Save File",
"Use Windows Media Player (default)" or choosing your preferred player from "use other...: option should allow you to view the videos properly.

Downloading Troubles

If you're having trouble with downloading the videos, the answer may be one of many factors:

* All of our newer movies (since 2008) are encoded at a high bitrate, which means they have a very high quality image in order to look great enlarged to fullscreen size. But that means they are also large in file size, and will take a while to download. It could be hours - that depends on your internet connection.


* Our videos are designed to be downloaded, then viewed, they are not meant to be left-clicked to stream them. Left clicking may work on your high speed internet connection, but with our site it'll be slow, juddery, and generally annoying. The best way to view our videos correctly is by right-clicking, choosing "save target as..." and downloading them first before viewing.

* You may just have a slow connection to us. That happens sometimes on the internet. It's annoying, but it's no one's fault. Sometimes it's only for a day or two, other times for months or years. Sometimes it may be affected by time of day or week as well, as the different service providers between us and you change their networks depending on demand. This is not our fault, nor your own fault. It is something else in between that neither of us have any control over.

Other problems?

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