Capri Anderson
This girl is a hard one to describe.  I could write many paragraphs about her.   Capri defies a lot of descriptions I'm used to writing for the site.  Sure, she is beautiful and sexy, she has a great body, great small breasts, delicious pussy but it goes way farther than that.  Capri is deep and has a profound womanly sexuality in a 19 year old's body that is astounding. 

Holly Webster
Holly Webster is Faye Valentine’s best friend.   She came along with Faye to the west coast to keep her company but not to model.  I took one look at her and realized that this was a girl who had no idea how beautiful she was. This is the classic mousey girl (read librarian clique) story. 

Hollie Stevens
You are going to like Hollie.  She is a full bodied girl with a huge sexual appetite that covers more territory than you might imagine.

Skylynn is the quintessential eighteen year old Mid-Western girl. She is a very intelligent girl and becoming aware of her powers as a woman.

This is Sinn and she wears glasses. Girls with glasses always turn me on. I guess it has to do with one of my first girlfriends, who wore glasses and taught me about the finer points of a girls body. I never got over the glasses or the girl bodies. There is a transformation that happens when they take those glasses off and let their hair down. And when Sinn takes off her clothes the change is completely wonderful. Damn this girl is sexy. She has the most beautiful breasts, hips and butt. Sinn is a wild sexy woman and loves to show it. Great name, Sinn.

Amber is twenty years old and a literature student at UC Berkeley (full scholarship, and a Fullbright waiting around the corner for her summer study in Italy). Don't let her braces decieve you: this young woman is smart, cunning, and well in control of her sexuality.

Jada is 19, 56, 110lbs, 34 x 25 x 34 and immediately took my fancy. She likes to laugh, and Im a sucker for girls with glasses. Bookish, shy - a girlish body but a beautiful and sexy woman underneath. Shes one of those girls you see at the library with her head in a book, hair covering her face and glasses, nothing special until she looks up at you.


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