It's in the Eyes

Ashlyn Rae
Someday eighteen year old Ashlyn dreams she will have anal sex.  Someday,,,  what a nice dream.   Her long term goals are to own a house, get married, spend lots of time at the beach, travel and be sucessful.  In the meantime she is working on her skills to have multiple orgasms, get nude in public and have a threesome.  

Stacy Haught
Once in a while I find a girl who truly embodies everything that LittleMutt is about, a fresh natural young girl. Stacy is all of that plus she’s innocent, I have the honor of being the first photographer she had ever shot nude with. 

Charlie Lynn
Charlie is a character; she’s smart and has a great sense of humor.  I really enjoyed shooting with her.  Charlie likes boy and girls and has no  preference.   She played soccer in high school and loves to tell her locker room stories. 

Andrea Anderson
With a chest like a boy it was hard for me to believe that this girl could have so much touch with her sexuality.  I was wrong.  I love learning something everyday.  Andrea is one extraordinarily sexy girl, also an amazing sensitive, skilled and intelligent person.

Meggan Mallone
I think I should have a 100 piece marching band with a bunch of elephants marching along to introduce this girl in the Rose Parade on national television.  Never have I have I had my breath taken away like I had when I first met this beautiful girl.  Not only is Meggan Malone drop dead beautiful but she has a wonderful personality and intelligence to match.   She was only with me for five minutes and I felt like she was my best friend and about to be my future ex-wife.  Lucky for me I have no plans to get married again.

Georgia Jones
The first time I met Georgia Jones I had to remind myself to breathe.  She is so pretty she really does take your breath away. Her eyes are amazing, the kind you feel you could fall into and loose yourself forever, they are sometimes grey but turn green or blue as her mood changes.

Kimber Clarkson
Once in a while I find a girl who so impresses me that all I want is to shoot her over and over.     Kimber Clarkson is one of those girls.  The more I shot with her the more beauty I found.  She is nineteen years old and comes from the east coast where she is a college student with a 3.9 grade average.  


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